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Independent Artists – Storify

        Here is a link to my Storify page –

        I chose to do my storify topic on Independent Artists.  I the reason why I wanted to do this is because my topic for my New Media Literacy class is on music and I have come to love many independent artists including Mac Miller and Macklemore to name a few.  These artists did not have a record label behind them pushing out records of their latest singles and this is one of their biggest challenges, is how are they going to sell their music and make money.  They found ways through the internet to promote their smash hits and to get their name out there.  I find that very courageous especially in a world we live in today where the business side to the music industry has been unsteady as of late.  These artists go out of their way, start up social media outlets, and make a name for them self, all by themselves!  I myself know a couple independent artists and I know the struggle they go through trying to make their music become their source of income.  The point I am trying to make is that when these independent artists go big, it is sort of a huge deal.

        My storify starts out with a couple very familiar faces in the independent scene in Mac Miller and Macklemore.  Both of them are rappers and especially Mac, uses social media to get his name out there and to make his name a popular one.  The page goes on to tell you why independent music is great and why we do not need major record labels in the industry.  Furthermore, the page also goes on to name challenges that are faced with these artists.  Ending off with a page where independent artists can get air time on a webpage of their music. 

I just wanted to say I had a good time going about doing these projects for this class and I would like to wish everyone a great summer! Good bye for now!


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